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Tout à propos de Babies

Identité Identité :
♛ Alison DiLaurentis ♛
Fonction IC Fonction IC :
Biographie Biographie :
❧ Emily Fields: Fiancée ♛
❧ Grace and Lily: Fille ♛

❧ Alison DiLaurentis knows all your secrets. She is the queen of rosewood before her disappearance on the last day of the summer holidays. She was fierce, she hated girls who did not care about her mockery, she wanted everyone to fall back on her, Jenna Marshall was the first to defend herself, but Alison blinded her by setting her on fire. She has 4 best friends. Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna. She is Emily are now married. But before, Alison was interested in the guys. She created nicknames for them, Big Hanna was the worst. And she knew all the secrets of her best friends, but Alison never revealed her secrets. When Alison disappeared, the girls were harassing her with a certain '' -A '', but Alison received messages well before. 2 years later, Alison was found, she invented that she had been kidnapped by a boy, but the evening of his disappearance, it was worse than that ... But the question we all ask ... Who is A? Why Alison was hidden... ♛

Rang: Étudiant en apprentissage
Étudiant en apprentissage
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